Location: Gold Coast Queensland
Contract Value: $20 million
Construction Period: 18 Months
Type Of Contract: Construct Only
Client: Queensland Government

Yawalpah Road Trunk Sewer project involved excavation, pipe laying and backfilling of 4km of pipes ranging in size from 300m UPVC to 1400mm GRP. This project involved open cut trenching to a depth of 13m and construction tolerances of + or – 20mm.

CC Pipe and Civil purchased specialised shoring (SBH Double Slide Rail Shoring) to construct this line and with our experienced team were able to meet all program dates and tolerances. One of our biggest challenges was constructing 1km of pipeline through the Gainsbough Greens Golf Course at an average depth of 8m, progressive restoration was a must as we had a construction dead line to meet reopening the course on time.

Open cut trenching down Yawalpah Road at a depth of 8m and keeping the local residences access to their homes open at all times was done with minimal disturbance.

Tunnel boring under QR’s Gold Coast to Brisbane line and multiple auger bores under Yawalpah Road provided their own challenges which where over come with our experienced crews.

Restoration of the alignment involved road repair, laying turf and seed.

International Certifications FSC Accreditation | ISO 9001 | AS/NZS 4801 | ISO 14001