Location: Jimboomba Queensland
Contract Value: $2 million
Construction Period: 10 Months
Type Of Contract: Construct Only
Client: Logan City Council

Jimboomba Sewer Upgrade project involved excavation, pipe laying and backfilling of 1km of 300mm UPVC Gravity main and 2.5km of 150mm DICL rising main. The rising main installation is from Jimboomba WWTP to two existing sewer pump stations. The pipe route included installation through residences front yards and within local streets, farm land and QR property.

Christopher Contracting designed in conjunction with Allconnex and LWA a by-pass operation procedure for the gravity main connection to Anders St pump station with all work completed without environmental incident or spill during bypass works.

Restoration of the alignment involved road repair, laying turf and seeding. CC Pipe and Civil received 4 letters of recommendation from local residences.

International Certifications FSC Accreditation | ISO 9001 | AS/NZS 4801 | ISO 14001