Location: Gold Coast Queensland
Contract Value: $5 million
Construction Period: 10 months
Type Of Contract: Construct Only
Client: Queensland Government

Gold Coast Desalination project involved excavation, pipe laying and backfilling of 4.5km Sintakote pipe up to 1200mm diameter.

The pipeline alignment traversed through private property, farm land, through and under roads controlled by local Council and Main Roads. Two creek crossings, which created a challenge for Christopher Contracting with a local Platypus community living in one of the creeks, both crossings completed without an environmental incident and restored to GCCC Park’s approval.

Pipe laying process involved rubber ring jointed Sintakote pipe as well as collar welded joints at Bends, Air Valve Tees and Scour Valve Tees. Restoration of the alignment involved road repair, laying of turf and seeding with creek crossings planted out with jute mat and gabion cages and some special restoration efforts for local residents.

International Certifications FSC Accreditation | ISO 9001 | AS/NZS 4801 | ISO 14001