Location: Dalby Queensland
Contract Value: $1.2 million
Construction Period: 3 Months
Type Of Contract: Construct Only
Client: Origin Darling Downs Power Station

Darling Down’s Power Station project involved excavation, pipe laying and backfilling of 5.5km 160mm PE pipe from the Darling Downs Power Station to an artesian bore to supply water for the cooling towers in the power station.

Christopher Contracting used our 755 Vermeer trencher, Flow-con truck and other earth moving equipment to construct this project with an average of 400m a day of pipe laid and backfilled.

The design required C/C to directional drill under APA major gas lines and excavate under Arrows CSG lines which was completed without incident. CC Pipe and Civil received a letter of recommendation from Main Roads, APA Gas and the Darling Downs council for our works around and along their roads and easements. Restoration of the alignment involved road repair and seeding.

International Certifications FSC Accreditation | ISO 9001 | AS/NZS 4801 | ISO 14001